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When you work with Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C., you work with over 20 years of experience mitigating the consequences of criminal charges. We know our Savannah area clients are worried about their federal criminal defense cases and tend to feel alone during this time. It is our goal to ensure that you feel supported by a comprehensive federal criminal defense legal team that can deliver what they promise.

The legal team of Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. has defended wrongly accused individuals for over over 20 years. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and defending you in the Savannah area court of law. We review each federal criminal defense case thoroughly to ensure our better preparation of your defense.

If you are facing federal criminal defense charges, you know just how difficult the situation is for you. At Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C., we help clients of the Savannah area facing these issues by providing representation they can count on.

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Our federal criminal defense attorneys here at Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, P.C. in the Savannah area are waiting for the opportunity to help you exercise your rights. Trust us to increase your chance of receiving a reduced sentences or an acquittal when facing federal criminal defense charges. To reach us, give us a call at 843-577-2153, or stop by our offices at 102 Broad St near the Savannah area.

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